"I enjoy the work we do for and with the community.  Some of the work includes Project Homeless Connect, WeekEnd Backpack program and First Thing First Reward$ and Scholarships. 

What has keept me here at United Way is working with great people who all have the same goal for the community.  We have a great benefits package!"

-Diane Whitney-Diane, Valley of the Sun United Way Employee for over 24 years


“I want to be part of creating real, lasting change in our community and Valley of the Sun United Way is laser focused on that goal.  In some way, every person in our community is touched by this work and many lives are completely transformed.  There is nothing more fulfilling than going home at the end of the day knowing that I played a small part in making such a big difference.
I love it when my young kids tell their teachers and classmates that their mom is going to end hunger or homelessness.  Of course, they give me personally too much credit – there are 100 people in our organization and countless others who will make these Community Objectives a reality.  However, I am thrilled to have a small part in making it happen and even more thrilled that my kids are proud what I do.”

-Tamera Skrovan, Sr. VP of Marketing and Communications and Valley of the Sun United Way employee for one year


“Seeing the impact of our work makes it rewarding to be a part of it, and constantly reminds me how bringing my time and talents to the table makes a difference everyday.  I enjoy building relationships and public speaking, and working at Valley of the Sun United Way allows me to apply these skills in my daily work.  While the work is challenging, the organization also recognizes the importance of work/life balance, and the culture is one where the staff comes together to support each other personally and professionally.”

-Jerry Scheirer, Development Officer and Valley of the Sun United Way employee for six years


“I enjoy engaging leaders from the corporate and non-profit worlds, schools and government agencies with hands on activities that provide direct service to our unique community conditions.”

“United Way actively invests in my professional development. Their investment in growing my leadership potential ensures that there will be another generation of well trained and qualified professionals ready to lead the community into the future.”

-Farren Hinton, Volunteer Coordinator and Valley of the Sun United Way employee for two and a half years


“Valley of the Sun United Way offers a unique opportunity to spend your work day as part of a movement that will fundamentally improve and change Maricopa County. That is no small thing. Public relations is about promotion, and to be part of an effort advocating for an end to hunger and homelessness, and ensuring child and youth success as well as financial stability for all families, is a privilege in any field. These are tremendous but realistic changes – movements -  that every United Way employee and volunteer can look at down the road, and be proud to have played a role in. United Way works with partners and the community to create a legacy that we can all be proud to include in our personal history books, all the while growing in our individual careers.
As an employee of Valley of the Sun United Way, I get to meet the families and individuals who are working hard to be a success, to hear and share stories of courage, hope and hard work – and that inspires me every single day. Everyone wants to make a difference, and in working here, I know and appreciate that I am part of a team passionate to improve individual lives and our entire community.

Valley of the Sun United Way offers an atmosphere that emphases strengths and teamwork, unique and creative ideas, and never shies from sharing employee success with sincere gratitude. It is challenging to find a more positive work environment that caters to the success of every single employee. The staff is truly a family, supportive but also with a great dose of humor when it’s needed.  And an important bonus to me is the ability to meet individuals directly impacted by our community-supported work.”

-Beth LucasPublic Relations Manager and Valley of the Sun United Way employee for two months


“I mostly enjoy the people I am surrounded by.  People that really care about our work and the difference we are making.    I have always enjoyed my job and I find it very rewarding.  I value the leadership in the organization and appreciate the support, encouragement and empowerment to make decisions in my area.   I love the flexibility and the importance that is placed in reference to family/life/work balance.  I am truly blessed to be working at a place where I really enjoy what I am doing because I often hear the opposite.
Knowing that I work for an organization that actually is making a difference in our community but most importantly that made a difference in my life by exposing me to a  giving and caring community I only hoped for but had no clue existed.  When I first started working here I had never heard of United Way much less that there was a local chapter.  After a week I had never experienced being surrounded by such good people that care.  I had no idea that help existed for those that needed it most and  now I am part of that effort ensuring it continues.”

-Socci Petty, Vice President of Donor Services and Valley of the Sun United Way emloyee for over 28 years